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We're doing the Worst Book Ever Challenge again! 

Join us? Wanna bring a friend?

Become a Worst Book Ever Ambassador

In a nutshell, this is what we're talking about on this page.

  1. We're doing WBE again. Want to join us? (If you did it already, dropped out, did a book, doesn't matter--join us!)
  2. Share. Do you know someone who would benefit from it? See ideas on this page for how to share the link. 
  3. Earn. I emailed you a (custom) link that you can use to share the program. (In that link is a custom coupon code for 25% off and you'll win a 40% commission if they sign up through your link). The link is usually: https://go.repossible.com/YOUR...
  4. Enjoy. Join us, look like a rockstar to your friends for introducing them to someone so crazy, so awesome, they'll thank you for it. 

Ambassador Philosophy

Do you have favorite products or services that you truly believe in to the point where you find yourself recommending them to friends, family, and complete strangers? 

I have this with products from Apple or Sonos or services like Reedsy. 

People often say to me, "Gee, Bradley, if Sonos gave you a commission for every speaker you suggested I buy from Sonos, they'd probably hire you!" 

"Oh, and by the way, thank you so much for sharing your experience, I love my Sonos speakers!" 

Did you catch that last part? They are thanking me for sharing my experience and "expertise" with something I know (and love). 

Sound reasonable so far? Scroll down...

Sharing Your Story Could be as Easy as This 

3-minute video walkthrough

How to share your link on email or social media. 

Or You Could Go as Fancy Pants as This 

3 videos telling their story

If you'd like to hop on a Zoom call with me for 15 minutes to tell you story, you (we!) can use that video to promote the program (with your custom link). 

Book a slot with me here.


Why did Sarah join Worst Book Ever? All other "serious" write-a-book programs were too ... serious. BONUS: We Get It Done and Have Fun. Ooh, that rhymes ... 


Susan shares her own story and invites the viewer in to overcome their own challenges. 

Join Me?

Barbara offers an invitation to come join her to ... give birth to a book! :-) 

1-Minute Instagram

Barbara is a rockstar at Instagram! Even if you don't make it as fancy as hers, a mention on your favorite social media can be super easy, quick, and eye catching. Watch on Insta.

1-Minute YouTube

Barbara is at it again!

This Spot Available

Share some WBE love and I'll share it here. 

You Don't Have To

I have a book coming out called "You Don't Have To." It's about doing stuff you want to do and not doing stuff you don't want to do. 

If you're down here reading this, at least you're interested. If you're not, you're not. No harm, no foul, no hard feelings.